Tex-Edit Plus X 4.9.9 Final Released

Tex-Edit Plus (TE+), my way out front favorite text crunching tool and lightweight word processor, is a scriptable, styled text editor that fills the gap nicely between pure text/no formatting text editors and full-featured word processors. It’s fast, efficient, has a clean, uncluttered interface, and is great for cleaning up text transmitted over the Internet. It also has the best implementation of AppleScript of any application your editor has used.

Tex-Edit Plus can read, convert and save files in various international formats, including Unicode, ASCII and RTF. It can also open the “raw” text of MS Word and other formatted word processor documents.

TE+ developer Tom Bender has released a new OS X 10.7 Lion compatible TE+ that runs fine on both Power PC and Intel Macs, supporting MacOS versions 10.4 through 10.7+. Bender says he’s tried to minimize the formatting loss when moving between PPC and Intel documents. (although more complex docs can be ported using RTF, if needed) and also notes that the speedup when upgrading from Rosetta-dependent to Intel-native TE+ is surprisingly dramatic for some operations.

New in version Tex Edit Plus 4.9.9:

  • Universal binary runs at native speeds on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.
  • Requires MacOS 10.4 or newer. (Lion compatible.)
  • Added a (scriptable) prefs switch to allow use of RTF as the default document format. (Note that RTF does not support all document data supported by the Normal document format, e.g. sounds, movies, window sizing, etc.)
  • Improved memory handling when saving documents that contain large numbers of uncompressed pictures.
  • Fixed picture handling bug noted when dragging in JPEG/TIFF/GIF files.
  • Removed the error dialog that appeared the first time Show Fonts was selected.
  • New Normal document format for Intel. (Normal documents created on PPC and Intel systems are not 100% cross-compatible. Use RTF format if you need to transfer complex docs between PPC and Intel systems.)
  • Cosmetic adjustments to accomodate Lion metrics.
  • Improved recordability to work correctly under Lion.
  • Inserted pauses in the AppleScript Demo app so that it wont run too fast on Lion. (!)
  • Updated Page Setup dialog extension.
  • Updated some localizations, particularly Italian.

System requirements:
PPC / Intel
Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Tex Edit Plus is $15 shareware

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