LapWorks Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount – ‘Book Mystique Review

I don’t know about you, but I find that I spend about 98 percent of my iPadding hours gripping the device tightly with one hand while swiping, tapping, and typing with the other. Because I’m right-handed, it’s the left that takes the stress of holding on to the iPad’s slippery, handle-less form factor.

Thus far, I haven’t noticed anything to cause concern that cumulative stress injury might be setting in, but it’s something I’ve wondered about looking over the long-term, and in any event, clutching the iPad firmly for long periods of time isn’t the most comfortable body-English, and also contributes to fingerprints and smears on the screen surface.

Enter the LapWorks Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount, a two-module, dual-purpose product that takes the stress out of holding your iPad. –literally.

The Handler is not a partial hand-strap that still requires you to use your thumb for gripping, or a finger loop handle or a rigid rounded hand grip. It’s the real deal — completely non-gripping and stress-free allowing you extended one-handed operation with less strain and fatigue.

The basic Handler module heavy gauge, high-strength plastic bracket that holds the iPad securely, and incorporating a 360° rotation hub that allows instant switching from portrait to landscape orientation or anything in between.

On the back of the bracket/hub assembly is in infinitely adjustable elastic-Velcro closure strap that works for either hand, allowing user of any hand size to carry the iPad securely without having to grip — much more comfortable and relaxing than holding the computer “bare-back.”

The iPad can be installed or removed from the bracket in seconds thanks to a well-designed, quick-release, rotating retainer tab.

I’ve also found that when using the Handler, I’m inclined to hold the iPad at a more ergonomically sound viewing height — that is, higher than I find I typically do when gripping the slate directly. This I think has to do with palm orientation. With the Handler, you’re in a more relaxed, open-palm mode, which encourages holding the iPad higher and closer to eye level, especially when lounging or reclining.

I also find it more comfortable and convenient when using the iPad with the very cool (and free; check it out) Dragon Dictation app, which I am doing right now composing this review.

Thanks to a couple of easy-to-attach spacer blocks, the Handler can accommodate not only the iPad, but also most other 9.7 inch to 10.1 inch tablet computers.

This would all be cool enough, but there’s more to the Handler, specifically a “Desk Mount” module that facilitates switching over to hands-free desktop viewing, perhaps using an external keyboard, without removing the iPad from the Handler bracket. Instead, the bracket slots onto the Desk Mount module in situ.

Once slid on to to the Desk Mount, the Handler bracket happily retains its windmill-style rotation function, plus the Desk Mount itself also allows infinite viewing and/or typing angles ranging from 90° vertical to 165° reclined, and any angle in between. The Desk Mount’s base has a diameter of 8.5 inches, which is ample for assuring stability.

The recliner mechanism is based on a friction clutch that allows instant angle adjustment without need of pressing any release buttons or controls, is completely slop-free, and engineered to support without shifting position the iPad’s weight plus any hand pressure you might apply while typing for gesturing. Click here for a brief video:

Thanks to a handy cutout aperture in the Handler bracket, you can plug in the 30-pin connector for charging or syncing without removing the iPad. Works both in handheld and Desktop Mount modes.

Given that you get the Handler bracket itself, plus the substantial and well-designed Desk Mount, both featuring robust solid engineering and evident high materials quality, the product’s $39.95 list price seems quite reasonable to me.

However, the Handler iPad strap and desk mount, which initially will be available exclusively from the LapWorks website, is currently offered at an introductory sale price of $29.95, which is quite a deal considering what you get, in my opinion. The handler will also be available through storefront retailers and various Internet resellers later this year. Do I recommend it/ You bet!

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