iPhone 5 Teardown Video & Repair Parts Available

Within hours of the iPhone 5 being available to the public DirectFix.com released a full HD teardown of the unit. The video includes directions on how to tear the iPhone 5 down and replace/repair the screen, battery and many other parts if you should happen to break your unit as you walk out of the Apple store.

Just like the iPhone 4/4S the iPhone 5 will require you to
replace the complete screen as one unit and you are not able to separate the LCD from the Touch Panel which are fused together at the factory.

For the do it yourself people, DirectFix has also released on their webpage iPhone repair parts, and coming soon a screen repair in both black and white. There is a limited supply of iPhone 5 parts available at this time.

Just like in the past DirectFix was the first to carry parts for the iPhone 5 as soon as it was available.

“We hope that people that purchased the new iPhone 5 enjoy it and take good care of it but accidents happen and when they do you can save money and fix the iPhone 5 yourself,” says Robert Stanley, founder of
DirectFix.com. “Just like in the past the manufacturers charge an outrageous amount of money for a simple repair. By following our video directions you can save money with just a few minutes of work.”

Link to iPhone 5 Teardown Video:

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