Windows 8 Survey: 53% Prefer Windows 7 – But Surface Gets A Positive Reception

The Windows 8 help and support Internet forum recently polled Windows 8 users on their feelings regarding Microsoft’s flagship product. Over 50,000 users voted in the poll which covered questions ranging from thoughts on Windows 8s (formerly) Metro UI to what they feel is the operating system’s biggest weakness.

This survey’s object was to find what features users like the most and in what areas Microsoft should make improvements. As many know, Windows 8 features fast boot-up and shut down processes. According to the poll, 56% of users chose this feature as their favorite. For those who dislike Windows 8, the price is an important reason. Users can upgrade to Windows 8 at only $39.99, but without promotional pricing the cost rises to $199.99. Thirty-five percent of the users believe that this price is too high. Meanwhile, the new Metro (whatever) UI doesn’t seem popular among users, with only 22% users choosing it as their favorite feature .

Although Windows 8 Beta has been released with great expectations, unfortunately, it seems users are not as enthusiastic about Windows 8 as Microsoft had hoped. According to the survey, the most popular Windows system is still Windows 7 (53%), with only 25% users voting Windows 8 as their favorite.

However, Windows 8 Surface received more positive votes than Android tablets and the iPad. Thirty-five percent of users said they would choose Windows 8 Surface for their tablet needs, indicating that with Windows 8 Surface Microsoft may be finally entering the computer hardware market and putting themselves in direct competition with their manufacturing partners. How this will affect their relationships with manufacturers remains to be seen.

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