Sleuthing Out iOS 6 Battery Drain Problems A Time-Consuming Challenge

TidBits’ Adam C. Engst says that after upgrading his iPhone 4 to iOS 6, he was distressed the next day to receive the 20-percent battery life remaining notification at only 1 PM on a day when he’d done almost nothing with the iPhone.

He notes that the iPhone 4’s battery had been replaced back in April with a new one from iFixit and was in excellent health, so clearly iOS 6 was involved in some way, but he observes that troubleshooting anything in iOS is difficult.

The plot thickened when Engst discovered the same rapid discharge behavior with his brand-new iPhone 5, and some research on the Internet revealed that many others were experiencing the problem, though it wasnt ubiquitous.

Turns out that the problem was corrupt Safari bookmarks, but Engst notes that what’s easy on a Mac is often difficult or even impossible in iOS.

He finally did get his iPhone 5’s battery life is back to normal, but it took him four days to work through all the possibilities.

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