How to Create An Emergency Diagnostic Drive for Your Mac Tutorial Posted’s Jordan Merrick cites several good reasons why having a diagnostic drive available is something that we all should have (in addition to a good backup strategy, of course). In his new tutorial, Merrick walks us through setting up an old external USB drive with the necessary software to allow users to boot, fix and reinstall software on a Mac.

A diagnostic drive is essentially an external hard drive that you set up so that you can recover from different scenarios in the fairly unlikely event of serious software problems on your Mac, such as:
• A software update crashing, leaving your Mac unbootable
• You installed a new driver and now your Mac kernel panics when you try to log in.
• Forgotten administrator password.
• Or ikn some cases tangential to hardware problems, such as when the internal hard drive is reporting errors and you need to recover yopur data, fast.

Once set up, the diagnostic drive will contain the following:
• A full installer for OS X Mountain Lion so that if you ever need to perform a reinstall of OS X, and don’t have Internet access you can.
• A standard installation of OS X Mountain Lion.
• Some simple but useful utilities to resurrect a troublesome Mac.

You can check it out at:

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