Apple Jumps From 8th To 2nd Highest-Rated Global Brand In Interbrand Rankings

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2012 rankings slot Apple in second spot, between top dog Coca Cola Inc. and third-place IBM.

Interbrand notes that few companies have captured our imagination, inspired such devotion, and revolutionized the way we live quite like Apple, and observes that while we may assume its the products that define Apple, its really a certain kind of thinking, a certain set of values, and an unmistakable human touch that pervades everything Apple does which is why our connections to the brand transcend commerce.

The commentary pays tribute to the late Steve Jobs for his recognition that a brand is so much more than a logo, instinctively knowing that his customers needed to feel a certain way when they picked up an Apple product, when they entered an Apple store, or when they visited the Apple website.

The report says Apple enjoyed this years biggest increase in brand value – an astounding 129%, and that increasingly associated with the luxury sector, Apple now produces items that consumers feel they must own to fit in socially, warning that the market may move on if Apple’s products cease being a differentiator of class, taste, or cool, but adding that doesnt appear to be happening any time soon, and it may indeed be a long time before the bloom wears off this Apple.

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