Best Anti-Virus Software For OS X And Why You Need It

Respected Austrian independent antivirus testing lab AV-Comparatives has released its Mac Security Review / Test October 2012 testikng and comparing antivirus tools specifically for the Mac platform.

The report abstract notes:

“Mac users can often be heard to say ‘I don’t need antivirus software, I have an Apple’. Unfortunately, this is a misguided conclusion. Whilst the dangers are certainly much less than with Windows computers, they do exist nonetheless. If nothing else, the recent spread of Mac Trojans proves this. Mac users who think they do not need to concern themselves have created an illusion. The claim that Apple users are less threatened than Windows users is currently still correct, but could change rapidly. It was the low market share of Macs that limited the attentions of online criminals; now that Macs are becoming more popular, this state of affairs is changing. Something that many people forget is that phishing works equally well on any device with an integrated browser, regardless of whether this is Windows, Mac, Apple TV, Android, Symbian or Internet TV; phishing affects everyone equally.”

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Direct download of AV-Comparatives’ Mac Security Review / Test (PDF):

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