Multitasking In The iPad’s Future?

The Mac Observer’s Ted Landau predicts that Apple will someday release a portable device with a 9-inch screen, but that unlike the iPad, it will not run iOS but a separate OS version that will be able to handle multitasking and the ability to view and work with at least two main apps at the same time, side by side, and to drag items from one app to another.

I hope he’s right. Those issues, along with incredibly clumsy touch text editing and manipulation, no filesystem access, and limited connectivity, are my main iPad irritants and complaints, and the biggest obstacles to the iPad being a really useful and efficient content creation platform.

Landau cautions that we shouldn’t be holding our breath, however, since it appears that at least for now Apple philosophically believes that a single app, full-screen, user environment is more desirable on the iPad than a multitasking one.

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