The Importance Of iPad mini’s 7.85-inch Screen Size Vs. 7-inch Panels And The Difference It Makes

Would you believe 40 percent difference from a 0.85-inch greater diagonal dimension?’s Trevor Sheridan predicts that the new iPad mini will have a 7.85-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio panel to compete with smaller tablets that offer a 7-inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratios. He notes that while A difference of 0.85″ doesn’t sound that significant, it actually accounts for a 40% bigger screen area since you’re dealing with diagonal lengths.

Sheridan says 7-inch tablets have always seemed pointless to him because they’re too big to fit in a pocket but too small to take real advantage of the extra screen real estate over a smartphone as seen in the 9.7-inch iPad apps. He notes that it’s still a question mark if a 7.85-inch device rectifies that shortcoming with a screen closer in size to to the full iPad, with the the same resolution as the iPad 2.

In my estimation, that 40 percent larger area with 4:3 aspect ratio could be a game-changer, pushing the iPad mini across the threshold of acceptability for folks who find the 7-inch competition just too cramped, especially for things like typing and movie viewing. On the other hand, touch buttons and links tend to be plenty small enough already on the 9.7 iPad screen, so we’ll have to try it out before passing judgment.

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