Leaving MacBook For A Chromebook

InfoWorld’s Simon Phipps says the Chromebook has inserted itself into his life in a way he never expected. “Sorry, MacBook Pro,” he says, “I just don’t need you right now.”

Phipps notes that at $249, the Chromebook is probably the cheapest useful mainstream laptop he’s ever seen, but the big surprise has been that his experiences using a Chromebook for a month have been so good he believes it deserves serious consideration.

He hadn’t expected to replace his MacBook Pro with a Chromebook, but says the truth is that his old Apple friend has been sitting on the end of its Kensington cable in the office for weeks now, occasionally acting as a printer server or a remote application server but otherwise gathering dust. Time will tell how long that lasts, but for now he says the truth is that he’s left his MacBook for a Chromebook.

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