OWC Aura Pro SSD Upgrades Work In The New 13-inch rMBP

OWC blogger Chris S. says:

Once we had the new 13 MacBook Pro with Retina display unboxed, it was just a matter of time before we installed an OWC Aura Pro SSD to see how well it worked…..

…the Aura Pro fits just fine in the 13″ rMBP’s drive caddy (something new that wasn’t in the 15″ model), and so far everything seems to be running quite solidly.

Obviously, weve got a battery of other tests to put the drive through and well have a more definite answer by early next week, but right now, all signs are pointing to Yes.

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OWC Aura Pro SSD Upgrade

Upgrade your MacBook Pro Retina display SSD to greater speed and capacity.

6G provides over 500MB/s performance for MacBook Pro 2012 Retina with Model ID: MacBookPro10,1

• 480GB
• $579.99
• Claimed to be the fastest SSD available built in the USA specifically for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.
• Ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling
• Includes all tools needed for installation.
• OWC Free Install Videos make it easy to upgrade
• 3 Year OWC Warranty

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