What’s Inside Apple’s A6X SoC?

HardMac’s Lionel says all we really know about the 4th generation iPad’s System-on-Chip is its name – A6X.

However, likelihood is that like the 3rd-gen iPad’s A5X SoC is an A5 with a quad-core graphics engine grafted on, the 4th-gen iPad’s is probably an improved version of the A6 Soc introduced in the iPhone 5 with 4 graphics cores and 2 CPU cores, but thanks to the transition from 45nm to 32nm construction techniques Apple was probably able to increase the clock frequency of the A5X’s CPU cores to 1.5 GHz and 500 MHz for the GPU cores while lowering power consumption down, amounting to a substantial increase in performance between the A5X and the A6X.

Whatever, Lionel says he’s pleased that Apple still refuses to put quad-core CPU chips in the iPad. In his estimation a quad-core CPU in a tablet is “pure nonsense” as their greater power consumption isn’t justified by commensurately greater performance.

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