Microsoft Windows 8 Leaves Computer Users Perplexed

Tech Expert Karl Volkman says that with the recent launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8, consensus is gelling that the new operating system is too complicated, leaving PC users baffled. Windows 8 is designed to concurrently be an operating system for desktop computers and tablets, and Volkman predicts that regular computer users will have difficulty adjusting to the new operating system and have a hard time appreciating the benefits on their desktop since it feels like a tablet operating system.

Nevertheless, Volkman believes consumers will be quicker than businesses to start using Windows 8 computers. Tablets have become a popular computing platform, so Microsoft decided Windows 8 is the innovative step towards merging mobile and desktop computing.

The main confusing Windows 8 features include:

• Tile Based Interface: Windows 8 uses a Metro interface, a group of touch screen-tiles controlling the PC. Users wont have their familiar menus, but instead must remember where a tile is located and the name in order to find their work. This feature would be easy to use on a tablet but a hard adjustment on a PC.

• Operating System: An operating system should be transparent. Microsoft launched a radically different operating system in three pieces for different devices. The PC-based Windows 8, the mobile-based version called Windows Phone 8 and a hybrid called Windows RT.

• No Start Button: Windows 8 doesn’t feature a traditional desktop style start menu. Consumers may be baffled if theyre unable to find a start button and could feel like amateur computer users.

Karl Volkman is Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, and an IT Professional with over 30 years of experience.

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