Early iPad (4th generation) Benchmarks Posted By Primate Labs

Primate Labs’ John Poole says that while the new iPad won’t be released until Friday, a Geekbench result for what appears to be a iPad (4th generation) appeared Sunday night on the Geekbench Browser.

Poole says that if this benchmark result is real (and there’s nothing in the result that indicates it’s a fake) then it shows that the new iPad comes with a dual-core processor running at 1.4GHz. This result also shows that the new iPad comes with 1GB RAM, the same amount of RAM as the iPad (3rd generation) and the iPhone 5, and twice the amount of RAM as the iPad 2.

So how does the new iPad perform compared other iOS devices? Briefly, the new iPad tests 10 percent faster than the iPhone 5, and is over twice as fast as the iPad 2 and the iPad (3rd generation).

You can check it out at:

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