Coping With The End Of FireWire I/O

I’ve adjusted to FireWire’s long fade long ago, having used a FireWire-less aluminum unibody MacBook as my anchor computer since early 2009. FireWire was restored to the 13-inch unibody form factor with the subsequent revision, which was re-dubbed a MacBook Pro, but too for me. I’ve learned to get along without FireWire, but not happily.

Infoworld’s Mel Beckman notes that the new 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pros with Retina Display have no FireWire port, which has been replaced by USB 3.0, which provides equivalent performance and is widely used in recent Windows PCs .It’s clear that FireWire will be eliminated on future Macs, which is an inconvenience or worse for folks with a lot of FireWire peripherals, and Intel’s Thunderbolt technology introduced 18 months ago in almost all new Mac models is still too rare and expensive.

So what can users with significant investments in FireWire devices do when upgrading to new Macs? Beckman notes that there are solutions, but all have drawbacks, which you must carefully weigh before buying.

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