Smart Holiday Gifts for Frustrated Computer Users

On the heels of a recent survey conducted by, in which 94% of surveyed computer users cited their computer as a source of stress in their lives, the holiday season is a seemingly perfect opportunity for consumers to address computer misery with the gift of a newer, faster, better performing desktop or laptop computer. But, as holiday budgets tighten, the stress of spending hard-earned money on a new computer can outweigh the anguish and frustration that is caused by an existing sluggish, unresponsive and unreliable computer. offers tools and expertise needed to make finding and installing a memory upgrade an easy process, even for beginners. Improving the performance of a computer shouldnt add to an already stressful time of the year.

So, before knocking the savings account back a few notches on a new computer, the experts at have cooked up a holiday recipe for improving computer performance and relieving frustrations, without breaking the bank. From everyday tasks to demanding business applications, to gaming and high-performance needs, folks on your Chrsitmas list can add a little holiday cheer to their computing experience with these cost-efficient memory upgrade options for existing computers.

Computer Memory Upgrade

Many computer performance issues can be resolved with a do-it-yourself memory upgrade. Any time email is used, the Internet is browsed, a video is watched, a term paper is typed, a game is played or the computer is simply booted up, the system is using its internal memory resources. When a computer doesn’t have enough internal memory (RAM) to properly run its programs, it becomes slow and unresponsive. With an average price of around $50, a memory upgrade from is a cost-effective way to provide an immediate boost to a system that has become sluggish and unreliable.

Crucial m4 SSD (Solid State Drive)

Solid state drives, available for both Mac and PC systems, are much speedier than traditional hard drives, and can dramatically increase the overall performance of most computers. Their durability and speed coupled with their light weight and operating efficiency (resulting in longer battery life) have made SSDs a popular alternative to traditional hard drives. The Crucial m4 SSD starts at $77.99.

Crucial Ballistix High-Performance Memory

Designed for gamers and those that depend on their computers for photo/video editing, graphic design, and other applications that require peak system performance, offers a lineup of high-performance Crucial Ballistix memory upgrade options. With prices beginning at $14.99 for a 2GB desktop upgrade, Crucial Ballistix memory is an ideal gift for gaming and performance enthusiasts.

“Many consumers look to the holiday season as the time of year to ditch their existing computer and open their wallets for a brand new computer, completely unaware that they are able to give their existing system the boost it needs for a fraction of the cost with a simple memory upgrade,” says Roddy McLean, marketing director, “At, we provide all of the tools and expertise needed to make finding and installing a memory upgrade an easy process, even for beginners. Improving the performance of a computer shouldn’t add to an already stressful time of the year.”

Founded on the concept of making upgrades easy for the everyday computer user,, a leading online destination for memory upgrades and solid state drives for nearly 15 years, provides the knowledge and tools needed to select and purchase the right computer memory upgrade this holiday season. Visit and run the award-winning Crucial System Scanner tool to find the right memory upgrade options that will improve system performance and extend the life of an existing computer.

As a pioneer of do-it-yourself memory upgrades, bolsters its online memory upgrade tools with a team of memory upgrade experts to help choose the right memory upgrade for over 50,000 desktops, laptops, servers, printers, routers, and other electronic devices.

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