Apple iPad Mini Teardown How-To Video Posted

DirectFix (, a specialist in “Do It Yourself iPad Repairs”, has announced that shortly after the release of the iPad mini being available to the public they have a teardown repair video and directions showing how to install and replace the screen.

The video is available for free on their Youtube channel.

“The iPad mini is one of the most difficult iPads we have taken apart. There is a lot of glue used in it and keep that heat gun handy. The directions show step by step how to repair a broken iPad screen, touch panel, battery and other parts,” says Robert Stanley, founder of

Just like in the past DirectFix was the first to offer a full HD video of directions on how to properly take apart the iPad mini. For the DIY people parts will be available on their site soon for the iPad mini. For those that don’t think they can repair the iPad mini themselves DirectFix will soon offer a mail in repair service.”

Even with no retina display the iPad Mini is a cool device, but being small makes it susceptible to dropping and breaking” says Stanley. “Just like in the past the manufacturers charge an outrageous amount of money for a repair. “By following our video direction you can save money by fixing it yourself,” he notes.

Link to Youtube Video:

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