WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott Posts Glowing Apple iPod touch + iPad mini Report

WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott says for the past several weeks, he’s been using the new iPod touch, and for a shorter interval, the new iPad mini.

“Both products are demonstrably better than the competition,” Thurrott declares. “Heck, the iPod almost has no competition – despite my long-time complaints about the underlying iOS software on each. There’s no way to overstate this: The new iPod touch and iPad mini are just incredibly desirable tech devices. They’re almost without peer.”

That’s pretty convincing praise for competitive products from outside the Microsoft ecosystem coming from a Windows guy.

Thurrott goes on to enthuse that the new iPod touch is “arguably the sexiest product Apple has ever made,” and “a pointer to where the iPhone must be heading.”

Who knew? iPods tend to get short shrift in the Mac oriented media and blogosphere.

As for the iPad mini, Thurrott declares it “the ideal iPad,” and, it may be “the ideal mini tablet,’ noting that what you’ve heard about the vaunted build quality are true, and the iPad mini is “a gorgeous, gorgeous device”… “the BMW of the tablet world, nicer looking and better made than the competition, and in this case, you really do get what you pay for.”

And while he agrees with punditry consensus that Apple will release a Retina display-based iPad mini by next year, in teh meantime (the screen on this new iPad is in fact beautiful… in fact not limiting at all.”

Thurrott summarizes that the quality of these devices leaves hin speechless (well, almost) – beautiful, thin, light, and remarkably well-made.

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