Finding a Clean Public Restroom Simplified With New Where to Wee Mobile App

If you’ve ever found it difficult to locate a public restroom or been disgusted by the condition of one, there’s now an app for that. Cintas Corporation has introduced Where to Wee (W2W), a free iPhone and Android mobile phone application that allows users to find public restrooms in their vicinity and rate them based on their cleanliness.

“We have all been in a situation where we’ve really needed to go to the restroom and did not know where to go,” says Staci Farmer, Marketing Manager, Cintas. “With Where to Wee, users have the peace of mind that theyll be able to find a restroom anywhere, and more importantly, that it will be clean based on others ratings.”

When launching the app, users will see a map showing nearby public restrooms, which are highlighted by a colored “commodicon” based on ratings. Top-rated restrooms are indicated with a green icon, average-ranked restrooms are displayed with a yellow icon and unrated restrooms are displayed with a grey icon. By clicking a list icon, users will see a full list of available restrooms including their rating so they can choose the cleanest restroom in their area. W2W has the largest database of restroom locations compared to restroom finder apps, so users always benefit from a comprehensive list of nearby facilities.

To help others locate a clean restroom, the app asks users to rate restroom conditions using a five-point system. Users can rate the availability of soap and toilet paper, the appearance of the sink and toilet areas and odor levels in the restroom. Users can also upload pictures of restrooms directly from their phone into each review. To be rated, a restroom must receive a minimum of five user reviews. Ratings will be based on the most recent reviews to guarantee accuracy and to provide below average restrooms an opportunity to improve their cleanliness for their users and earn higher ratings.

“This app is a huge improvement over basic restroom finder apps because it not only has the most restrooms in its database, but it provides the ability to find a clean restroom based on user ratings,” says Farmer. “It eliminates the guesswork of wondering where you can find a restroom and whether it will be suitable when you get there. Whether youre a parent with young kids, a teenager, a road warrior, a holiday traveler, or someone with digestive issues, its a must-have app and will continue to improve as more users rate restrooms.”

New in Version 2.2
– Added a lot more restrooms
– Showing even more restrooms for your current location
– Support for iPhone 5’s new screen size
– You can now upload a picture from your camera roll to add to a restroom
– Green restrooms show the top rated restrooms by Where to Wee users
– Removed the amenities (e.g. pay toilet, change table) as the data wasn’t up to date

W2W is available for complimentary download in the iPhone App store or the Android Marketplace. For more information, visit:

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