Apple Releases iTunes 11

iTunes 11 features simplified views of exactly what you want. Looking for an album? Click Music and thats all youll see. Do the same for movies, TV shows, apps and everything else.

Select one of your albums and now it will expand in place. That means you can see all the songs on the album, click Play, and keep right on browsing without having to click back to your library. Youll also see In the Store recommendations for similar albums youll want to check out.

Apple squeezed more features into an even smaller MiniPlayer. Now you can click the Up Next button to see which songs are playing next. And if what you see isn’t what youre in the mood for, you can search your collection and choose a different song without having to open your library.

Good recommendations are easy to come by, thanks to In the Store picks. Just select an album, artist, or genre you like, and iTunes will suggest similar music you might never have found on your own. Already know what you want to hear? The new Up Next feature in iTunes lets you select a song and easily queue it to play next. Or last.

In the Store picks
– Let iTunes find your next favorite album, based on what you already like.

Up Next
– Queue whichever song you want to play next. Without missing a beat.

The iTunes Store has been redesigned for your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so it looks and works the same wherever you shop. Easy-to-browse shelves serve up popular music, movies, TV shows, and more. And all the features you know and love are even easier to get to. Its the best kind of shopping simple.

Now when you preview a song or movie, its always easy to find again. Just click the Preview History button for a quick rundown of all the music, movies, and TV shows youve sampled. iCloud keeps your preview history up to date across all your devices. So if you preview a song on your iPhone when youre out and about, itll be right there waiting for you when you want to hear it again or buy it on your computer at home.

Preview history
– Just click to see all the music, movies, and TV shows youve checked out.

With iCloud, you can access your content on all your devices. And now, when you buy an album, song, movie, or TV show on any device, its instantly accessible in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC. Just doubleclick to play. Or if youre going offline say, taking your notebook on a plane click the new Download button and bring a copy with you.

Play from iCloud
– Play your new songs directly from iCloud. Or click the Download button to store them offline.

Start a movie, TV show, podcast, iTunes U lesson, or audiobook on one device. Pause anytime, and you can pick it up later on another device. iCloud remembers right where you left off. Its just smart that way.

System requirements:
Automatic downloads and downloading previous purchases require iOS 4.3.3 or later on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPad, or iPad mini; iOS 5 or later on iPhone 4 (CDMA model); or a Mac or PC with iTunes 10.3.1 or later. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore. Downloading previous movie purchases requires iTunes 10.6 or later, iOS 5 or later, or Apple TV software 4.3 or later. Not all previously purchased movies are available for downloading to your other devices.

The iTunes Store is available only to persons age 13 or older in the U.S. Requires compatible hardware and software and Internet access (fees may apply). Terms apply. See for more information.
Available on iTunes. Title availability is subject to change.
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