Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro Really Overpriced? MacBook Air Vs. Surface Pro

BGR’s Zach Epstein says he saw potential in the Surface tablet with Windows RT when he reviewed it in October, but when he revisited the slate after a month of usage he noted that more than anything else, the Surface with Windows RT got him excited for the upcoming Windows 8 version of Microsoft’s tablet.

However, he says he’s much less excited about the Surface Pro now that he knows how much its going to cost. But is the Surface Pro really that expensive? Epstein notes that we’re not talking about some light-duty media tablet here, but a full-featured, cutting-edge notebook computer that happens to also be a tablet. Surface Pro runs a full desktop operating system, is powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor, and its one of the thinnest and lightest devices in its class.

So Epstein compares the Surface Pro to a true competitor – a device with a full desktop operating system, a premium metal enclosure and similar specs to see how the Surface Pro’s pricing really shapes up against the competition, in this context Apple’s MacBook Air.

He notes that in this context, pricing for the Surface Pro is absolutely within the realm of reality, and even when including a $119.99 Touch Cover, it’s only $20 more expensive than comparable 11-inch MacBook Airs- a premium tablet/notebook hybrid device that is thinner and lighter than a MacBook Air despite including high-definition display with multitouch support, dual cameras, a microSDXC memory card support and more.

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