A Mac User’s Month With The Samsung Chromebook

9To5Google’s Seth Weintraub says the latest Samsung Chromebook is the first that fulfills the Chrome OS mission: good quality, excellent (MacBook Air-like) design, low cost and functional, and easy to use. Weintraub observwes that it won’t replace a mid-high end machine, but, for people with basic needs or who want an inexpensive second computer, it’s a no brainer at $250.

Weintraub got $249 Samsung Chromebook a month ago, and I has used it and shared it ever since. He notes that it has an uncanny resemblance to a MacBook Air, but the silver case is actually plastic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (until you drop it), because it allows the machine to stay at about the same weight as the MacBook Air with cheaper parts and he affirms that it has a very solid, firm feel, and a a really strong and firm screen hinge.

With its 1.7GHz Exynos 5 Dual core ARM processor, the ChromeBook has longer battery life than the Air, and surprisingly, considering the bad reputation of many PC laptop input, Weintraub reports that the keyboard and trackpad (and the software to go along with then) are top-notch – indeed as good as a MacBook in his estimation, adding that you’ll hardly notice the difference within a few hours of practice.

The Chromebook also beats the MacBook Air on ports and port location, with an HDMI Video out port, USB2 port, USB 3 port, and the power port are on the back, with headphone mic port on the side. The camera, however, is mediocre, but the Chromebook has built-in 3G available as an option.

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