The Best Tablets For Christmas?

The Register’s Alun Taylor says “Thank God for Microsoft,” because without it and its new Surface tablet writing this review would’ve been nothing more than him running around having an Android versus iOS argument with himself, but thankfully, as with smartphones, the arrival of Windows 8, here in its RT incarnation, has saved mankind from a bipolar tablet OS nightmare.

More importantly, Taylor observes, Redmond’s first tablet offers something genuinely different to what’s on offer from Apple and Android which, for good or ill, are both smartphone operating systems draped across a tablet landscape.

By comparison, he asserts that Apple is just playing catch-up with the iPad mini.

Editor’s note; maybe so, but let’s come back and review relative holiday sales performance in January, shall we? That said, I don’t disagree with Taylor’s recommendation that (at least if the mini’s size is not its primary virtue for your purposes) if you want do an iPad, it’s well worth ponying up the extra $130 for the new iPad 4, whose combination of excellent battery life, 9.7in IPS LCD screen, and a new, more powerful processor, makes it a hard device to dislike.

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