Former Mac Evangeist Guy Kawasaki Now A Thoroughgoing Android Fan

ReadWrite Mobile’s Dan Lyons reports that Guy Kawasaki, who back in the “belegiuered” days of the mid-late ’90s was Apple’s official Chief Evangelist, responsible for spreading the Mac gospel, is now a thorughgoing Android fan who no longer owns any iOS devices and who declares in his latest book ‘APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur How to Publish a Book,” that “real men use Android.”

Lyons cites Kawasaki explaining that he switched to Android about a year ago, noting that “People are kind of amazed, but I don’t use any iOS products, none at all. I fell in love with Android on the smartphone, and then I got a Nexus 7 and started using Android on the tablet as well.”

He likes the 7-inch Nexus tablet size but says he wasn’t tempted to switch to an iPad mini, noting that “If there was something compelling about the mini I would switch in a second, but what’s compelling? Why switch?… I think Android is better.”

Better how? Things like support for NFC, true multitasking and the ability to see all of his apps in alphabetical order; no stupid proprietary cable.

He’s definitely got some valid points there. I don’t care much about NFC, but one of my biggest beefs with the iPAd is its lack of real multitasking, and I’m unenchanted by Apple’s decision to switch to another proprietary cabling non-convention. Miini-USB would be so much smarter.

Lyon notes that Kawasaki has done work with Samsung, which helped sponsor his last book, “What The Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us,” but says Kawasaki insists that’s not what caused him to switch platform allegiance, and it’s not because Android is cheaper, he’s not getting demo units for free or paid to use or to promote Android.

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