Dropbox Cited As Key Enabler Of iPad Productivity

British graphic novelist, author, blogger, and iPad fan Warren Ellis answering a query about which iPad apps he’s found useful/productive cites the text editors Plaintext and iA Writer, Quickoffice for iPad, Bamboo Paper or Notes Plus for graphics, and “Dropbox Dropbox Dropbox. All the writing programs hook into Dropbox. It’s essential.”

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber quotes Ellis describing his process for writing using an iPad with Dropbox as a key enabler. Gruber observes that many people work on their iPads, and enjoy doing so, which is key to their growing popularity, witha recurrent theme he sees in nearly every single how I write on the iPad story is Dropbox, which he maintains shoud be scary for Apple because Dropbox is outside Apple’s control, and if not for Dropbox, many of these people would not be using their iPads as much as they are, and because Apple’s iCloud falls short of Dropbox.

I’ll third that. I don’t know how I ever got along without Dropbox. As for iCloud, I’ve never bothered signing up, since two of my four production machines are not supported, whilke Dropbox happily supports Macs back to machines running OS 10.4 Tiger.

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