Apple CEO Tim Cook TIME Person Of The Year Runner-Up

TIME magazine has chosen Apple CEO Tim Cook as runner-up in its annual “Person Of The Year” cover story selection, which named President Barack Obama as top newsmaker for the second time in four years.

TIME’s Lev Grossman notes that Mr. Cook enjoys the distinction of being the first CEO of Apple since Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne (the third original Apple founder who sold his one-third interest in the company a few months later for $800) to assume power without “blood on his hands.” All previous Apple CEO changes have been under acrimonious circumstances, and Grossman says the late Mr. Jobs wanted the CEO transition from himself to Cook to be professional and smooth.

Mr. Grossman observes that Mr. Cook, who was Mr. Jobs’s COO, is in many ways Steve Jobs’s diametrical opposite, with Cook resembling something Jobs would’ve made rather than Jobs personally.

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