Christmas iPad: One Buyer’s Guide To Value

FairerPlatform’s Ron Carlsen says:

Money is tight, but my home office and mobile workflows needed an upgrade, all the way round. That said, the ever reliable original Apple slate is getting passed on to my family, getting replaced by an Apple Certified Refurbished Christmas iPad 3 ($379 ) cradled inside a Zaggfolio case ($85) – together, a lot of mobile computing power and flexibility for under $500.

Why not an iPad mini or iPad 4? The mini is too small for his hands and an iPad with keyboard for $500 was a prime consideration.

I don’t entirely agree with Ron about the iPad 3 vs. iPad 4. I’m usually a fan of buying Apple Certified Refurbished hardware, but the Gen-4 machine’s A6X processor delivers a substantial enough boost in performance that I think it more than justifies the $120 price premium if one can possibly scrape up the extra cash.

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