Apple’s Forgotten eMate 300 – 15 Years Later

MacWorld’s Benj Edwards notes that fifteen years ago, Apple released its first and only touchscreen laptop (so far), the often forgotten eMate 300, an oddly-styled translucent green clamshell portable that ran Apple’s Newton PDA operating system and was something of a forerunner for Apple’s iOS iDevice revolution.

Launching it in March 1997, Apple offered the eMate for sale only through education channels. Powered by a 25MHz ARM CPU with 1MB of RAM and 2MB of flash memory for document storage, a 480 x 320 backlit grayscale LCD, a PC Card expansion slot, and selling for $799, the eMate was marketed by Apple as a low-cost educational computer for children at a time when the entry-level PowerBook 3400c sold for a whopping $4500 1997 dollars.

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