Why Android Is Dead, Part 5: Number Of Players

In the latest installment of a series of commentaries, SeekingAlpha contributor J. M. Manness declares that “Android is in its death throes!”

Manness hastens to concede that he may be overstating a bit, but that he does believe that the Smartphone OS landscape will be very different in 4 years – and that Google’s Android OS will be the loser, his basic thesis being that Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 will take massive market share from Android. He estimates that by 2016, Android’s share of the smartphone OS market will diminish radically from its current 68% to 22%, while Apple’s will increase substantially from 19% to 27%, RIM’s BlackBerry OS recovering from its miserable 2012 showing of 5% to a more than respectable 23%, and Windows Phone from 3% to breathing at the iOS’s heels at 26%.

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