Three Months On Google Chromebook And Still Happy

ZNET’s James Kendrick reports that the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook surprised him when he discovered how well it worked for him three months ago. However, the real test of a gadget is the big picture, so he offers his assessment after 90 days of heavy use on the Chromebook, observing that he can’t emphasize strongly enough how great it is that the Chrome OS stays totally out of his way when he works, although he wants to make it clear that Chromebooks and Chrome OS are not for everyone, and that for example those who use special Windows or Mac programs for their work should give the Chromebook a pass, the what with Chrome OS being in essence an extended implementation of the Chrome browser and little more

However, for a user like Kendrick, who spends all of his work day online, and specifically in the Chrome browser no matter what OS he’s using, the Chromebook is a perfect fit.

One Chromebook attribute thst particularly appeals is that there is no lag. Everything happens immediately, Kendrick reports, more so than with the MacBook he’s been using for years.

The Chromebook of course has to be online for full functionality, but during those rare instances when there is no connection he can still create writing documents in Google Drive. The battery lasts all day no matter how hard he pushes it. The keyboard he says is fantastic and he can easily write thousands of words a day, and is as impressed as he was with the Chromebook’s trackpad when he first got it, saying he likes it even more after three months’ use, rating it better than any trackpad he’s used on any Windows laptop and just as good as the MacBook gold standard of trackpads.

Limited storage? Plug in an SD card or a USB flash drive. Restarting the Chrome OS only takes 8 – 10 seconds, wake-ups 1-2 seconds, and he says the system has never crashed the entire time he’s owned the Chromebook.

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