Apple vs. PC: Which Is Better?

Money Talks News blogger Dori Zinn says she started using PCs when she was 10 years old, and she was two years into college when she sat in front of her first Mac. She initially panicked. The mouse only had one button, not two. There was no Start icon in the bottom corner. But after a few months, she says she was hooked. The iMac had simply made her more productive, so she cut back on eating out and everywhere else she could, saved up some cash, and eventually bought her own MacBook Pro notebook.

Ms. Zinn analyses the Mac vs. PC rivalry in a current context:

Price winner: PC

Hardware design winner: Apple

Operating system winner: Apple

Although Microsoft’s SkyDrive is better at managing files stored in the cloud, Apples iCloud services are better at providing everyday functionality

Software winner: PC

Options winner: PCs

If you like variety, look into a PC.

Compatibility winner: Apple

Ms Zinn’s personal choice: still Apple, reasoning rhat its better to do one thing well than do lots of things sort of well.

For full elucidaton:

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