Would You Buy A Phablet?

Tech.pinions’ Tim Bajarin, an enthusiastic tablet computer fan, weighs in on the “phablet” phenomenon – smartphone designs with 5.3-inch to 6.1-inch screens. He prefers to call them “tweeners” being a cross between a large smartphone and a small table in a single package, and originally popularized by Samsung’s 5.3-inch Galaxy Note that was released last winter and sold about 10 million units in 2012. Bajarin notes that some analysts believe that Samsung is on track to sell around 20 million Galaxy Note 2s in 2013, and that he was interested to discover that that when he actually held Huawei’s 6.1 inch smartphone in my hand at the Huawei booth at CES, he could actually see himself using it – but only with a Bluetooth headset, which is how he primarily uses the iPhone now anyway, paired with a BT headset), and while he appreciates the 7.9 screen in his iPad mini, he was just as comfortable with Huaweis 6.1-inch Ascend.

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