Is The Blackberry Still Relevant?

With the upcoming Blackberry 10 announcement, RIM is making news again, and its stock price is soaring, but is the Blackberry still relevant?

Blackberry might be the butt of fanboy jokes, but the trade-in experts at NextWorth ( have pulled some surprising data that suggests loyal Blackberry users are still out there. In fact, NextWorth’s data shows that Blackberry handsets resell values are neck-and-neck with increasingly popular Samsung, and not far behind HTC.

“The numbers show a robust secondary market for Blackberry that is keeping up residual value,” says Jeff Trachsel, CMO of NextWorth. “This could definitely be indicative of the dedicated nature of Blackberry enthusiasts.”

Average trade-in values for Blackberry from NextWorth:
Torch 9810 ($78)
Torch 9800 ($54)
Bold 9700 ($36)
Curve 9300 ($20)

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