Does The 128GB iPad 4 Spell Curtains For The 64GB MacBook Air?

AppleGazette’s Noemi says that based on personal experience, she hasn’t found the iPad to be a perfect replacement for the laptop, and while she can do a lot of her writing work on the iPad, at the end of the day, she’s more efficient on the laptop, and wants her files stored on the device she uses the most. [that mirrors my iPad vs. laptop experience exactly – CM.]

However she agrees with those who maintain that the 128GB iPad signals the end of the road for the 64GB MacBook Air, and that it’s high time the entry-level 11-inch Air started at 128GB, observing thst 64GB really is not enough capacity for even a very portable laptop, especially when there’s no way to upgrade that after purchase, and the iPad 4 with128GB for $200 less makes more sense.

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