Why Apple Needs A Real iPad Pro And Microsoft’s Surface Pro Makes Sense

In their Monday Note column this week, Frédric Filloux – Paris based general manager for digital operations at Les Echos Groupe, and former senior Apple executive and founder of Be Inc. Jean Louis Gasseé state the case for an iPad Pro capable of running a real, desktop operating system.

They note that the new 128 GB iPad released this week is becoming popularly known as the “iPad Pro,” with Apple all but claiming as much in its press release, which says in part that “Companies regularly utilizing large amounts of data such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music tracks, project blueprints, training videos and service manuals all benefit from having a greater choice of storage options for iPad.” However, critics are noting that 128 GB is more storage than any sane person could ever want in a pure tablet.

Nevertheless, Filloux and Gasseé think an iPad Pro does represent the future, with the iPad and tablets in general, but in the meantime when they take a closer look at the iPad as a Pro platform, they see that Apple’s tablet is is a long way yet from realizing its professional potential, although the critics have it wrong about increased storage, which is a necessary element, but nowhere near sufficient.

Filloux and Gasseé observe that when one attempts to do real work on an iPad, things quickly get complicated, and simply throwing storage at the problem is, clearly, not enough to make the iPad a Pro device.

Which Is Why PCMag Thinks Microsoft Surface Pro Is One Of The Most Exciting PC Concepts In Years

PCMag’s Dan Costa says a reviewer’s operative conundrum with the Microsoft Surface Pro is whether to compare it to Apple’s iPad or a Core i5-equipped Windows 8 ultrabook. The answer, of course, is both, he says, but that makes assigning ratings and handing out awards pretty tricky. However, he notes that although it’s neither fish nor fowl, and some of both, after weeks of testing the Surface Pro in the PCMag Labs, their lead PC analyst, Joel Santo Domingo has decided that whatever it is, it is a great product – despite garnering some negative early reviews.

Costa notes that the Surface Pro has a real PC Core i5 processor, is available with 64GB or 128GB of storage and isn’t isn’t a “pseudo laptop,” but is a laptop replacement, and while critics complain it’s a strange hybrid that straddles the line between tablets and laptops, that’s exactly the point behind it, wifth Microsoft betting that the Surface Pro, or products like it, could replace your tablet, your notebook, and maybe even your home computer, and that while Microsoft still has work to do, this is one of the most exciting PCs he’s seen in years.

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