The Register Reviews HP’s Spectre XT TouchSmart Touchscreen Ultrabook

The Register’s Alastair Dabbs reviews HP’s new 15.6-inch Spectre XT TouchSmart Touchscreen Ultrabook and says he liked it a lot, noting that HP is not copying Apple, and the look-and-feel of the Spectre XT TouchSmart is nothing like that of a MacBook Pro, and that it’s the most responsive, latency-free Windows 8 touchscreen at this resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) he’s tested to date.

Dabbs also reports that the Spectre XT’s trackpad is generous at 11 x 7 cm and sensitive to those who prefer a light touch – with no carpal-tunnel-crunching clicks and presses required. No optical drive, of course, but you get three rather than the usual two USB ports, Ethernet (not gigabit, unfortunately) and even a Mini DisplayPort-compatible Thunderbolt port.

A big dissonance with Apple’s MacBook Airs and new(ish) Retina MacBook Pros is that the Spectre XT has a conventional spinning hard drive rather than a SSD. Battery life of little over three hours was a disappointment, as was lack of rigidity in the screen bezel.

Hmmm. I more often than not agree with Alaistair Dabbs’ views, but I’m nit sure I see $1,399.99 of value in this HP unit, as attractive as it apparently is in many respects.

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