Photo Sense Lite For Mac – Easy Photo Enhancement Software Now Free

Photo Sense Lite (which originally sold at $3.99) was made free on the Saint Valentine’s Day by its developers, Netherlands-based VeprIT. Photo Sense is a powerful, but very easy to use photo editing software for Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

The program is designed to make photographs more attractive quickly and easily, without spending a lot of time and money on learning, purchasing, and using professional photo manipulation software. Photo Sense enhances photos automatically, and allows users to customize results to their liking. In addition, the users can apply various creative effects.

The unique automatic photo enhancement algorithm implemented in Photo Sense embraces everything VeprIT learned during over 6 years of professional photography experience. The only shortcoming the application has compared to manual processing is the lack of human vision, which sometimes can lead to a suboptimal choice of automatic image processing parameters. With the tools provided by Photo Sense, the user can easily and quickly perfect the automatic results.

Photo Sense Lite for Mac is a younger brother of the full Mac version. It implements the same automatic photo enhancement algorithm and provides the same semi-automatic processing tools as the full version. However, it only works with a single image at a time, and does not allow manual adjustments. The full Mac version is much more than the automatic photo enhancement engine, there is a powerful batch photo editor around it, with the following main distinguishing features:

* Batch processing: add, apply custom processing options and effects, and save multiple images at a time
* Manual (traditional) photo adjustments working in sync with the automatic engine
* Copying & pasting of image settings between different photographs. This applies to processing options (including manual adjustments), effects, and even crop & straighten settings. It saves enormous amounts of time when editing many photos
* Photographs can be processed in parallel on computers with multiple CPUs. For example, on a dual-core system, processing of multiple images happens about twice faster

Note: it is not guaranteed that Photo Sense Lite will stay free forever.

Special offer for Photo Sense Lite buyers:
VeprIT do not wish the users who previously bought Photo Sense Lite to regret this purchase, so they’re offering them a 30% discount off the full Mac version, saving about 2.5 times what was paid for Photo Sense Lite.

To take advantage of this offer, users should send a proof of Photo Sense Lite purchase to VeprIT support. The best proof is the e-mail receipt from iTunes Store, but a screenshot of the “Purchases” tab in the Mac App Store software will also do. The purchase must be made before and including Februray 13, 2013. If confirmed, the user will receive a 30% discount code which can be used on VeprIT’s site. This offer is valid for 3 months from February 14, 2013 till May 14, 2013.

VeprIT is a bootstrapped software company based in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, founded in the beginning of 2011. VeprIT develops its own products and provides custom software development services. Currently VeprIT offers image/photo editing software products for Mac OS and iOS. These products aim at hiding all the image processing complexity behind a very simple and intuitive user interface.

System Requirements:
• Photo Sense 1.9.0 and Photo Sense Lite 1.3.0 require a 64-bit Intel-based Apple computer with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. Photo Sense 1.7.2 and earlier versions also work on Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). Photo Sense for iOS requires iOS 4.2 or later. iPhone 4 or later is highly recommended for performance reasons.

Photo Sense for Mac trial version (with disabled results saving) is freely available for download at the application webpage. The current price is $33.99 (USD). Photo Sense is also available on the Mac App Store. Photo Sense Lite is only available on the Mac App Store. Originally sold at $3.99, it is now free for the time being. Photo Sense for iOS is available on the iTunes Store for $1.99.


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