Retina Display For Next iPad mini Estimated To Increase Apple’s Cost By More Than 30 Percent

In a commentary, Digitimes’ Max Wang and Jackie Chang say Apple may introduce the new iPad mini with resolution of 2,048 by 1536, which would increase the device’s production cost by more than US$12/unit. If the prices and specifications of all other components stay the same, the new iPad mini with a Retina display will carry component costs above US$200/unit, and increase the the total OEM cost for iPad mini by more than 30 percent.

They say most market observers believe the new generation of iPad mini will upgrade the resolution from the series’ present 1,024 by 768 to the fourth generation iPad’s 2,048×1,536.

Wang and Chang note that Apple’s share in the tablet market began to decrease in the third quarter of 2012 and by the fourth quarter had slipped to around 44% – down from 70% at the beginning of the year, and that firms such as Acer and Asustek have introduced new tablet models with retail prices around US$149-159/unit. In addition, the Nexus 7 by Google and Asustek is reportedly to be reintroduced with Full HD panels while holding the price point constant at US$199/unit in the second quarter of 2013, and that both Samsung and Acer plan to introduce 8-inch tablets in the second quarter to compete with the iPad mini – Acer’s offering to be priced around US$202/unit.

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