Don’t Fear A TouchScreen MacBook

Like your humble Editor, Macworld’s John Moltz says he is not enchanted by the concept of a touchscreen MacBook, sharing as he does my aversion to anyone touching my MacBook’s screen. Fingerprints and smears: Yuck-a-roozie!

Nevertheless, Moltz conceds that resistance may well be futile at this point, with tablets having created a new imperative for human/computer interaction, and while PC competitiors may have shipped touchscreen laptops first, it was Apple that really started us down this road. He admits that even for him it seems like his MacBook screen should respond when he touches it, and while he still doesn’t like people touching his laptop’s screen, there are instances where he already wants to perform an action by touch instead of by using the cursor, and he’s be surprised if Apple is not working on a touchscreen MacBook.

That said, Moltz also notes that he’s used a Microsoft Surface enough to know that adding touch to a desktop operating system isn’t a simple thing to execute.

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