NiftyDrive – SD Card Based Custom Expansion For MacBook Pro (Now Including Retina) And 13-Inch MacBook Air

The Nifty MiniDrive is an easy-to-use expansion device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available data storage capacity in MacBook computers with SD Card slots, as well as providing a set and forget back-up solution.

The developers wanted to create an easy way to add memory to the MacBook Air, without having to rip it open with a Torx screwdriver.

The easiest way to do that is to use an external hard disk drive, but that’s not a really the integrated solution that the MiniDrive is designed to be, solving problem via the often lightly-used SD card slot in the 13″ MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The front of the MiniDrive (the bit can be seen when the drive is inserted into the computer and is used for removal) is machined from high grade aluminium to ensure the fit and finish matches the MacBook.

The MiniDrive is really easy to remove from your computer by the traditional Mac media ejection method of sticking a paper-clip through the specially designed eyelet at the front of the device to pull it out. The first time you use a paper-clip, you can use the front of the drive to bend the paper-clip into a little hook – then you have your very own MiniDrive removal tool.

Or if you want to be fancy, the Nifty Tool is specially designed for removing your MiniDrive.

Note that pink and blue MiniDrives are special editions for the project’s Kickstarter supporters, and will not be initially offered after the Kickstarter campaign.

If you use the MiniDrive Air in the MacBook Pro or iMac, there will be a small gap either side of the SD card slot. The MiniDrive Pro is designed to fit completely flush.

If you use the MiniDrive Retina in the MacBook Pro or iMac, the drive will stick out from the body of your computer by 1mm.

Note that the MiniDrive does not come with a MicroSD card, which must be bought separately and can be easily acquired online or at almost any consumer electronics retailer. While a normal SD card sticks out by about 1cm from the body of the computer when fully inserted, the MiniDrive is designed to sit completely flush with the body of the MacBook, becoming a semi-permanent part of your computer. By utilising standard micro SD cards the MiniDrive can add plug in and forget memory to your computer.

One of the cool things about Micro SD cards is that they are practically indestructible – in fact a major manufactuer of them claims their cards can survive under the sea for over 24 hours, withstand 1.6 tons of force, and are impervious to magnets and X-rays. Therefore, when combined with the Nifty MiniDrive, this makes them perfectly suited as a primary back-up disk.

As the Minidrives are designed to stay in your computer without getting in the way, a daily back-up of your critical files may be set up and then happen automatically without having to remember to plug anything in.

Then if you happen to spill coffee on your computer or drop it down the stairs, or some other disaster strikes you will not be forced to re-do days, weeks or even months worth of work, or even worse lose memories in the form of photos, or videos that may be irreplaceable.

All 13-inch MacBook Air and All Pro computers from the mid 2010 refresh onwards have a Secure Digital Extended Capacity, or SD XC card reader in their SD card slot. Note that 11.6-inch MacBook Airs do not.

Almost all of Minidrive manufacture and assembly is done in the UK, using high quality local expertise in machining and manufacture. The exception to this is the circuit-boards which are printed and assembled in China by a UK-based company.

Shipping is currently projected for the end of October/start of November.

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