Lament For Removable Batteries

ZNet’s David Gewirtz asks: “Why can’t we just use removable batteries?” Gerwitz notes the irony that we’re all supposed to be using mobile devices that no longer have full-sized USB jacks – but every mobile device has a USB connector for charging, too often leaving him wondering whether he’ll finish a task before the battery charge runs out, and why he can’t just carry or go buy replacement batteries to make sure he has power.

He further notes that while rechargability may seem like convenience to users, it’s not, especially for example, when the power dies and you can’t open the thing up) He also observes that while no one is expected to use PCs anymore in this supposed post-PC world, everyone is supposed to plug in all their post-PC devices into the USB ports of their no-longer-used PCs to charge.

Where’s the logic in that? Gewirtz blames it on Apple (with considerable justification – Ed.)

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