The Most Brilliant Laptop You’ll Never Buy: Awesome, But Not $1300 Awesome

Gizmodo’s Andrew Tarantola agrees with TechCrunch’s Siegler, noting that if the Chromebook Pixel’s touchscreen display display doesn’t make your jaw drop, the price tag will.

He notes that Google says the Pixel is built “specially for power users who have fully embraced the Cloud,” but in the real world few folks beyond those already heavily invested in Google’s online services, or Google fanboys, actually meet that definition, and that the Pixel is an awesome laptop saddled with an albatross of a price tag, contending that even if the limited potential functionality of Chrome OS didn’t turn you off, paying $1300-1450 for it probably will, observing that even given as much time as he spends on the Internet, dropping $1300 or more on a system that does only that, no matter how well, is extravagant.

Your editor agrees with both reviewers. At their traditional $250 -$350 price range, Chromebooks present an attractive value for the money. $1300 – $1500 Chromebooks don’t.

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