Cool Invent Launches the Aluminum VERSI Charging Stand for iPad And iPad mini

Cool Invent have announced their new home/office accessory – VERSI iPad, an iPad stand made out extruded aluminum with CNC machine grade anodized lever arms and articulated ball joint allowing for multidirectional use while charging Apple devices. Cool Invents founder and creative force, Dale Rorabaugh, has developed this new product with the versatility and functionality to compliment the sublime design of the iPad and iPhone. Whether using it to make a statement with your next client presentation or simply docking your iPad or other device in it, VERSI offers a synergy of art + function.

VERSI Is An Acronym For Versatile, Elegant, Revolutionary, Stable, And Iconic with the stand intended to be an artistic statement with its sculptural form and hi tech aluminum ias well as extremely versatile. The clean, simple design of the aluminum VERSI is intended to provide optimal functionality with a sophisticated minimalist aesthetic.

VERSI’s unique CNC machined anodized aluminum levers with dual ball joint allows it to tilt, swivel and rotate in virtually any angle and height. The handcrafted stable granite base prevents wobbling and tipping over insuring your iPad is safe in its dock.

Each stand is handmade by Cool Invent with hi-tech extruded aluminum and finished with the perfect channels to hold all generations of iPads in portrait, landscape or typing modes as well as tilting, swiveling and rotating in virtually any direction or height. VERSI’s unique built-in charging system allows the user to simply slip the iPad into the perfectly angled slot and you’re ready for hands-free viewing of movies, e-book reading, video calls, website viewing, games, online recipe review while cooking and more! Measuring 6 x 12 the aluminum VERSI provides a minimum footprint for desk or tabletop use.

Just slide in your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone and your device charges automatically, eliminating the need to search for cables as VERSI is a self contained unit. Whether your device is the iPad 2, 3 or 4 or the iPhone 4/4S or 5 VERSI’s unique built-in charger utilizing either the 30 pin to USB cable or Lightning Connector) allows you to connect to your device.

Each VERSI is made of unique aluminum or elegant granite that is not only beautiful, but also incredibly durable and easy to care for.

The artisanal collection is available in four models each with a choice of granite or aluminum base. Models include the stand alone base for the iPad, iPhone, iPad mini and a dual version for both the iPad and iPhone. Pricing starts at $158.00.

Dual iPad/iPhone Charging Stand

VERSI iPad Charging Stand

iPad Mini Charging Stand

iPhone 5 Charging Stand

VERSI s available for purchase at:

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