Old-School Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-inch “Still One Of The Best Laptops You Can Buy”

Resexcellence takes a fresh look and the latest MacBook Pro 15.4-inch revision released in June 2012 and quite likely the last update of that model. The mid-2012 revision got Intel Ivy Bridge Core i processors and more powerful discrete graphics from NVIDIAas well as USB 3.0 connectivity,

Resexcellence says the MacBook Pro without Retina Display is still one of the best laptops you can buy in this price range – the hardware quality and software features far exceeding anything in the Windows PC market. He bought one himself and says it’s by far the best computer he’s ever owned, and the best Mac he’s ever owned. Also, configured with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, it’s the most powerful Mac he’s ever used, rendering tasks such as video production, photo editing, sound production, illustration, simulations, 3D rendering, and gamingall a breeze.

Resexcellence has upgraded to a 7200RPM 750GB Western Digital Scorpio Black hard drive, and 16 GB or RAM, and notes that while it isn’t removable by the user, the battery can be replaced as it is not glued in but simply held in by a few screws and a connecting cable, although tampering with the battery while your MacBook Pro is under warranty will void the warranty. He rates the Pro’s trackpad the best of any laptop available on the market today. He also opted for the Hi-Res Antiglare Display option, and says the brightness, contrast, viewing angle, and color accuracy are all fantastic.

A big advantage of theon-Retina MacBook Pro is that it can be upgraded quite easily, as long as you’re confident with a screwdriver and are sensible enough to remove the power source, and ground yourself properly, before doing so. The bottom panel can be removed, and upgrading the hard drive and memory yourself does not void Apple’s warranty.

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