Seagate To End Production of 7,200 RPM Laptop Hard Drives At End Of 2013

ZNet’s Sean Portnoy reports more evidence that solid state drives are becoming the new mainstream storage medium for higher-end laptops, with Seagate having disclosed that it plans to end production of high-performance 7,200rpm notebook hard drives sometime later this year.

Portnoy cites a marketing director for the drive manufacturer telling X-bit Labs that Seagate will cease production of the drives “at the end of 2013.” Seagate will continue to produce 5,400rpm 2.5″ drives, which are used in most mainstream laptops.

It will be interesting to see if Seagate’s archrival Western Digital follwos suite and dumps 7,200 RPM laptop drives, but if you want a speedy conventional HDD for your laptop, it’s probably time to make your move.

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