A Mac Pro mini? Not Likely – Most Potential Users Have Switched to MacBook Pros And iMacs

Developer and blogger Marco Arment notes that for years, geeks have wanted Apple to make an an expandable desktop tower like the Mac Pro, but cheaper, using consumer-class CPUs and motherboards instead of Intel’s expensive, server-grade Xeon line.

However, he observes that Apple has shown they don’t want to address this market, presumably because the margins are thin and the demand probably isn’t as strong as geeks like to think, with the relatively small number of users who still want desktop Macs seems to be served adequately by the iMac and Mac mini.

Arment notes that many former Mac Pro owners have switched to new iMacs and Retina MacBook Pros, which are so fast that they can compete with 2010s Mac Pros, and what market there had been for a cheaper tower, already small, appears to be shrinking.

He predicts that fewer customers will choose Mac Pros as time goes on, and once that level drops below Apple’s threshold for viability or needing to care, the line will be discontinued, and a few power users will complain, but most wont care; by that time, most former Mac Pro customers will have already switched away.

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