Yet More On Why Andy Ihnatko Switched From iPhone To Android

Andy Ihnatko has posted the third and final installment of his chronicling and explaining why after five years he’s abandoned the iPhone and iOS in favor of a Samsung Galaxy S III and Android.

He says he didn’t switch because Apple has in any way dropped the ball, noting that Apple is in fine shape, and that the iPhone, and iOS are terrific products that continue to speak to people on a direct, compelling level. The iPhone, and iOS, improve and impress with each iteration, despite some well-documented wobbles along the way.

The iPhone simply no longer suits him, thats all. He notes that over the past ten years, Apple’s been transitioning further away from the user of 1977, who delights to discover that their new computer came with a complete schematic and a disassembly of its boot ROMs, and has been focusing more aggressively on the kind of user who doesn’t particularly care that they just bought a $1300 desktop whose RAM and hard drive cant be upgraded.

“With every move and every update,” he says, “Apple increases the appeal of its products to mall consumers. These consumers want the document they created on their notebooks to miraculously show up on their desktops and their phones as well. They don’t care about sharing it with others. They want desktops that are sleek and beautiful. Theyll probably buy new ones before theyll consider upgrading the desktops they already own. They don’t want to have to figure out why a feature that works with 29 of the apps they’ve installed doesn’t work with the other six; they’d rather do without that feature entirely, no matter how powerful it is.” What appeals to them is iCloud, the 2012 iMac, and a simple mechanism for sharing photos to Facebook and Twitter.

Ihnatko observes that the iPhone is superior at “easy to use on day one,” but plateaus after a month, and it’s ideal if your needs are easy to anticipate – still his go-to recommendation for people who want as few surprises as possible and the easiest phone to use and maintain.

However, he says an Android phone is a delight starting around week two, after youve made a bunch of minor adjustments that change it from Good for the majority of users to great for you, personally, and he switched from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S III because its the best there is at the kind of things he needs his phone to do. And as soon as something comes along thats better, he’ll switch again.

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