Apple Certified Refurbished Products From eBay Outlet Offer Better Prices

The likelihood that Apple is running its own eBay store is great news for cost-conscious Apple hardware fans. Your editor’s last two anchor Mac laptops have been ACR units, and both have been excellent. My current main Mac – a late 2008 aluminum MacBook – is now four years old and the best Mac I’ve owned in 21 year on the Mac platform.

All Apple ACR products feature:
• Full one-year warranty (upgradable to three years of AppleCare coverage)
• Returned to like-new condition
• iPads/iPods include a new battery
• Received complete burn-in testing
• Original OS re-installed
• Repackaged with manual and cable
• Final quality inspection by Apple

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Apple’s Ebay Store Offers Better Refurb iPad And MacBook Prices Than

DigitalTrends’ Gloria Sin notes that Apple rarely ever discounts its products, but there are deals to be had if you don’t mind buying refurbishd and from Apple’s unofficial eBay store, with some items listed on eBay now cheaper than refurbished units on Apple’s own online store.

A caveat: Ms. Sin notes that Apple doesn’t charge online customers sales taxes, but eBay does for residents of Washington DC, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, and California.

Apple’s Secret Affair With eBay

Motley Fool’s Evan Niu says Apple is having a secret affair with eBay. Niu notes that last October, a mysterious new shop got set up on eBay’s auction site under the username “refurbished_outlet,” selling Apple Certified Refurbished (ACR) products at a discount.

Niu suggests there’s a very high likelihood that Apple directly operates this refurbished outlet, which he says has conducted nearly 11,000 transactions in less than six months. All ACR items carry the same terms as refurbished products sold directly by Apple, such as a one-year warranty and thorough physical reconditioning. He notes it’s highly doubtful that anyone other than Apple could get their hands on this sheer quantity of gear to shift, and that the eBay outlet provides Apple with a backend route to clear out refurbished inventory.

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