How Hackers Target Smartphones – Tech Expert Discusses Cell Phone Phishing Issue

SRV Network, Inc.’s Karl Volkman says:

We’re all unfortunately familiar with email phishing, in which hackers attempt to acquire personal information by targeting unsuspecting users. While the dangers still exist, most people are aware of suspicious emails and opt to ignore the request for information. However, there’s a new danger lurking where scammers are targeting cell phones via SMS messaging.

Tech expert Karl Volkman of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago explains how smishing impacts consumers and ways to protect yourself.

“Cell phone scamming is particularly dangerous right now because most individuals are not aware of the threat,” says Volkman. “A text message from a retailer directing someone to click a link for more information or fill out a quick questionnaire can seem very legitimate, but in reality scammers can be gaining personal information.”

According to Volkman, the best thing to do is for individuals to refrain from responding and not provide secure information unless the source is confirmed. In addition, contact the organization the purported message is from.

“Its likely the business is unaware of the scam and the fact that their personal database has been hacked,” says Volkman. “Informing the necessary contacts of the breach can help tighten security efforts to avoid future instances.”

Karl Volkman, is Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois.

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